Bette Lynn Steiner became fascinated by Pilates
before there were Pilates teachers or studios in the
Annapolis area.  Her initial efforts to find quality
Pilates instruction led her to
Michael Miller, master
teacher with an international reputation who resides
in Boulder, Colorado.  Bette Lynn became Michael's
archivist in 1999.  She took instruction from him and
became certified by Michael in May, 2002.  She took
additional workshops with Bob Liekens.  In
December, 2003, Bette Lynn became certified by Peak
Pilates.  Throughout this period, she combined formal
instruction with intensive self study and practice.
More About Michael Miller

Michael Miller is an internationally
renown Pilates instructor who has
taught classical Pilates for over 20
years.  He offers Pilates continuing
education by way of on-line training
including lists and photos of the
Pilates exercises and videos.  For
more information about Michael Miller,
or to browse his
products, please visit
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Bette Lynn Steiner
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Bette Lynn is continually amazed by the power of Pilates to correct posture and other
problems and to develop a strong and supple body.  As she leads students through
mat or apparatus exercises, she identifies the concepts that form the foundation of
Pilates, and encourages students to form a mind, body, spirit connection.
Cornu Spiral
"Michael Miller's lifelong study of Pilates and his expertise and experience
as an instructor make his classes, materials, and web-based course ware
truly unique and superlative. Michael helps his students- beginners
through instructors- understand the "what", the "how", and most important,
the "why" of Pilates. Michael shares important insights into body
dynamics, and helps develop an awareness/body connection that
improves exercise technique. He is the best!"  -
Bette Lynn Steiner